"He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. " Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just a little procedure today

Sweet Gracie-cakes had so much impacted hard wax in her ever so tiny ever so cute Designer Gene ear canals (a DS trait) that she had to go under a general anesthetic today in the hospital to get it removed. After the procedure, the doctor reported there was no way of removing it in the doctor's office as it was as hard as a stone digging into her ear drums. Poor thing suffered so much a week ago with them trying to remove it in the office after weeks of ear drops to no avail! We are hoping that it might lower her sometimes louder than then average adorable gruff voice!

Let me just tell ya that she stole the show and nurses were arguing over who gets the cupcake as their patient! She was deliciously yummy! Just take a peek for yourself what 100% pure cuteness looks like even in a hospital gown!

She told them the socks were beautiful!!!

Okay, now here is the true "after" picture that I would say is pretty darn cute as well. I actually had to leave the room after the photo OP as I was cracking up laughing. This is what she looked like when she was told she could not swim for one week! Yes, those are real tears from a real automatic faucet!
She's yelling out "NO Fair!"
That's her latest and newest saying "No fair!"

Yep, that's how I kind of felt this morning too at daybreak with only a half a cup of coffee in my veins driving down to the hospital in Sacramento with all the early bird commuters!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Future Economist We Have Here!

A little blurry, but grabbed my phone quickly to take it as I wanted to introduce to you our future Economist! This is one of Gracie's favorite books right now. She is always reading it.  Just think all of our world economy problems just might be solved if we put Gracie Cakes in charge of the economy!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Look who has pierced ears!!!

 She was so brave waiting to get them pierced.

Gracie has been asking to get earrings like the rest of us girls in the house. She is so responsible with her glasses that I figured she would be fine with pierced ears.

Truly, she cried less than 15 seconds and she LOVES them. She was going up to women in the mall showing them her "beautiful earrings". It was so cute!!