"He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. " Philippians 1:6

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Terms of Endearment!

Hubby is head over heels in love with Gracie. He told me the other night he would adopt another one just like Gracie and then turns to her and says, "Do you come in a double scoop?"


Joe thinks Gracie is so smart that he tells people she is just faking her diagnosis! 
He makes me laugh!

Gracie continues to thrive and do incredibly well.
She loves being back home after our three week stay in Philly.
She makes us smile!
She makes us laugh!
She is so endearing!
So loving!
We are so lucky to be her family!


Walking to China said...

She is blessed to have such a loving family.
The longer we have had our foster son (also with Down Syndrome), the more I see that he is more like us than different. It's amazing!

Serving the King said...

Ok that is just stinkin precious! A double scoop! Ha! And I'm with your son, I think she's faking. :) What a smart, beautiful, talented young lady you have on your hands!

Christian said...

She is so cute! She's always smiling. I'm glad she is doing so well. I feel the same way as you do with Zoie we are so blessed and lucky to be her family.

The Straight's said...

How sweet is that-double scoop, and sounds like she could even have a cherry on top! Keep up the good work Mommy :)

Chris said...

Yeah, I could agree with Joe...There just wasn't much difference. Blessed to have met you Gracie...actually Bryson too and your special mama.

Sometime you have to bring the rest of them to Phila to meet your east coast family

Scrappy quilter said...

So does that double scoop mean anything....wink, wink? She is truly blessed to have you guys as mommy and daddy, just like you are blessed she is your daughter. Hugs