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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Results thus far!

All in all every test has come back great. I highlighted next to each item what the diagnosis is or where we are at in the process. But things medically speaking could not be better for the cupcake!
  • Gracie has been referred to a pediatric ophthalmologist where she will get glasses ASAP. March 3rd is appointment 
  • She most likely will require two eye surgeries; one for her droopy eyelid and the other for her blocked tear ducts. This will be determined by the ophthalmologist. March 3rd is appointment 
  • She is being referred to a pediatric ENT where she most likely will be needing surgery to have her very large tonsils and adenoids removed. Yep, I was excited about that one after dealing with Bryson's recent 10 day tonsil ordeal!!! March 7th is appt as the last appt she covered her ears and refused to cooperate for audiologist!! That's my girl!
  • She is seeing a pediatric specialty dentist where she will most likely need to go under general anesthesia to have all her needed dental work done. She will have two teeth pulled on Monday in the office with nitrous. She has no cavities by looking as she would not cooperate for xrays!
  • She is being referred to a pediatric cardiologist for a heart echo cardiogram to make sure Gracie does not have any unidentified heart condition that is common with Down Syndrome. She has a perfect heart, but I could have told you that prior to me taking her to a doctor!
  • She is being referred to speech, occupational and physical therapists. In process!
  • She is having a cervical and spine xray to rule out a common vertebrae deformity in kids with Down Syndrome. This is the one I did not know about and does sound frightening as if she has this vertebrae deformity, she has a higher likelihood of fracturing this vertebrae. For now, no more of her cute somersaults until we confirm she does NOT have this deformity.  Her spine is as beautiful as she!
  • She is being tested for leukemia that is common in kids with Down Syndrome. This will also give them a baseline of her blood counts so they can monitor her more closely. She does have knee pain that scare the bajeebies out of me. Truthfully, this is my biggest fear out of all that was discussed at this appointment.  All lab results are good!
  • She is being tested for every parasite known to man, lead and all the other international adoption fun stuff. No bugs here!
  • She is being tested for thyroid conditions that are common with Down Syndrome. We did go see the endocrinologist as her thyroid number is 5.6 which is a little elevated for people without DS and normal for people with. We will have labs every 6 months to make sure it is not rising.
  • She is going to be tested to determine whether she has Mosaic Down Syndrome or just Down Syndrome. The doctor was very encouraged by all of Gracie's abilities and would not be surprised if she does not have Mosaic Down Syndrome. The only difference between the two is that with Mosaic she could have a higher IQ and perhaps function better later on. It really doesn't matter to us, Gracie is perfect just the way she is! Her blood does not test positive for Mosaic, but doctor said that doesn't mean if they didn't test her brain cells that she would not have Mosaic brain cells. No need to test! She is perfect! Let me tell ya, every specialist we have seen so far has been AMAZED with her cognition.
  • She had her first breathing treatment in the office as she has been sick since I got her and was wheezing at the appointment.  Perpetual runny nose but nothing else!
  • She received three shots in her leg that have left her miserable and with a fever.
  • She is in the 70% for height and 30% for weight for girls with Down Syndrome.
  • She has an inherited skin condition that can be relieved with a special lotion.
  • She was such a good girl for spending two hours in one room at the doctor's office!
  • She is my girl!!!! None of this stuff can get me down! Well, maybe the tonsillectomy as the memories are so vivid in my mind right now!!!!


Walking to China said...

What a journey and what great results!

Anonymous said...


Bahr Family said...

So glad to hear that all the tests results are coming back as they are. Wishing for similar results in the beginning of March. All the best!

Scrappy quilter said...

Great results. Hope that tonsil operation goes smoothly. Hugs

Christian said...

Sounds like things are good other than the tonsils but hoping that goes smoothly for you and Gracie. Yeah for good test results. Zoie has blocked tear ducts too. Our dr. appt is next week and I'm nervous for it.

Jean said...

Oh MY- I just love your sweet girl!! She is perfect in every way! And she is as smart as can be!

You are a great Mom and she is passing all her tests!

Do not fear the tonsillectomy- our two were a breeze!!

I love how she sometimes refuses to cooperate- that girl has determination!

Suzie said...

Great news! What a blessing! Glad to hear everything is going well! Phew!