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Friday, February 18, 2011

One Month of Lovin'

Wait did I go to Russia or China one month ago?
A cute little Chinese girl with her Russian look!
Marissa says, "I don't care if you are Russian, Chinese or Dutch!
You are my bestest little sister ever!"
Building with Lego's at Bryson's Lego Birthday Party

That is Gracie in the first window. She started school this week and today she took the bus home. She LOVES her new school. Last week we spent an hour each day in her class together, slowly transitioning her to school. Then this week, I took her the first day and she cried when I left. It broke my heart. I texted Robert telling him and his MANLY text back was "It is a natural process." Yeah, like I didn't know that! Thanks Mr. Sensitive! I love you too! Anyhow, I called the school when I got home and she was no longer crying. YES!!!

The next day while driving to school she tells me between her 3 C's; Chinese, Chinglish and Charades that she was not going to cry and she was going to kiss me at the door.

And sure enough, she didn't cry...she kissed me at the door...and said "see ya later" with a big smile on her face!!!

I know the class very well as it was my class last year before I moved to the high school. I know the staff well and she is in excellent hands, not to mention only 8 kids in the class.
She was very proud of her bus ride home!
One month of lovin' this treasure and yet it seems like she has been here forever and at the same time it feels like how can we have already been home 3 weeks today? Gracie' adoption has been one of the smoothest transitions. I think China made a mistake when they listed her on the special needs list!! Don't cha think???


Suzie said...

Look at that big girl! Love the pic of her on the bus! I can't believe it's been a month and yet it seems she has always been with you. What a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Go Gracie! You are very fortunate to have a great school situation. In the school I work at am sad to say it would not be so. Yes China surely let a jewel go! God is good!

HB said...

Wow! Just 3 weeks - it seems like much, much longer. Way to go Gracie and Sally!

Loving the Mommy Life said...

She is beautiful! She has definitely had a very smooth transition. Glad she didn't cry the 2nd day. It had to have broken your heart on day 1. Thanks for sharing your journey. I am praying for the day when I can write about my little ones being "home". :)

Sherrie said...

YES, I DO think!!! What a blessing!!! I'm so, so happy that this has been a smooth adjustment, makes it easier to dream about the next one :-)!!!! Thanks so much for sharing all that you do with us. I just love you, and your family!

Scrappy quilter said...

I think China made a mistake too. I've said it all along. She is a little jewel. She was just waiting for her forever home to blossom into all God has for her. Hugs

Annie said...

What a sweet heart! That just breaks my heart to hear she was crying, but I am thankful she is doing well!!! Plus, I LOVE Mr. Bob and he was always so sweet to my little sweetie!!!
Been catching up on all your blogs! You guys have such a beautiful family!

jenn said...

Cannot believe how time flies!! She is simply precious. I was just looking through all the pics getting caught up and her smle and obvios joy makes my heart happy! Can't believe she is in school already-go Gracie!!