"He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. " Philippians 1:6

Friday, January 21, 2011

Travel Day To Guangzhou

Gracie packing her banana snack for her big travel day!

Gracie sleeping on the bus to the airport!! What a kick!!! Legs up the entire time she was sleeping! Every cupcake must have shades on to sleep!!!

Gracie at the airport waiting to board plane. (in the stroller)

Seriously folks this is the smog and pollution that we had for the last 6 days. Never saw the sun in Zhengzhou. This is the reason for the extremely high number of birth defects in this particular province.

Mom pushing luggage and Gracie-cakes through the airports! Fun times!!! I needed my hubby!!! Yep, and to think I get to do it again in 6.5 days with only an hour and a half to connect flights in Hong Kong. Yippee, can't wait, feel my enthusiasm from here?

We made it to the White Swan late tonight after sitting on the tarmac for nearly one hour before departure due to air traffic control issues. Gracie was a good little girl. We had two little power struggles today that mom came out on top of each. Gracie is very smart and I just don't want her even in China thinking that she can get away with things that are not going to fly at home. I choose my battles carefully here, but this mama is smart enough to know if I give her a mile she's going to take all the way to America!!! And ya know what, by the second battle of the wills she figured it out pretty quickly and quit her fake crying really quick!!! Yeah for Gracie-Cakes!!!


Rebekah said...

She's such a cutie! I know you are so proud of her!

Duchess of Lanier said...

What a great traveler she is! And so stylish while she's at it ;)
I'm smiling that she already is so confident to give you little tests by pushing. And speaking of pushing... your luggage is impressive. Maybe ship a suitcase or two home instead of wrestling it through the airport???
So happy for you that you two are both doing great.
Enjoy the downhill coast that is Guanzhou,

The Straight's said...

Can she do it? OH yes she can and she IS!!! I am betting the homesickness is starting to set in about now. Hang in there girlfriend, don't forget you are on a mission and changing lives! Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping it real on the blog.

Anonymous said...

You go mama! Nip it in the bud as Barney Fife would say! You'll be so glad you did!

Annie said...

So glad you got there safely!!!!

Shelly said...

That picture of her sleeping with her legs up and sunglasses on is just pricesless! She cracks me up! Glad you all made it safely to Guanghzou! You are now officially half way through your journey! I'm sure it will be awesome to connect with all the families staying in Guanghzou with you! We are still praying for you and loving every minute of your journey!

Christian said...

Glad you made it to Guangzhou safely. Hopefully things will fly by for you and hope there is some sunshine so Gracie can put those shades to some good use. I like the pic with the stroller and luggage I'll be doing the same thing so you are showing me it can be done! You rock!

Nan and Dan said...

so so cute!! happy to see you are out of the smoggy region. enjoy the white swan! hugs!

Stefanie said...

Oh my!! What a PRECIOUS peanut she is!!!
Just a BLESSING to see her in your arms, Sally!!!

Jean said...

Thankful you are in GZ now and out of the other place!! it doesn't sound like a vacation destination- yuck!

BUT we do what we have to do! (and pray our way through the whole thing!)

I love your cupcake! Especially the sleeping pic- wish I could sleep like that!

Scrappy quilter said...

Love the picture with her sleeping on the bus...so cute. I agree, nip things in the bud quickly..she'll need to learn right away that mama is right. Hugs and love

jenn said...

Ok-she is downright adorable!!!! Stay safe!