"He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. " Philippians 1:6

Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Gracie's Province

I made it to Gracie's Province. One step closer to her. The internet is horrible. I can not email my hubby right now so if you are reading this dear and to all my other friends who have emailed and commented, I can't respond for some reason. Perhaps later. Go figure Ch*na blocks my emails, but with the VPN I am able to access blogger and it works!

I am on my way to exchange money at the local bank and then to the local Wal Mart to get a few things prior to getting cupcakes!

The three other families in my group are wonderful. They all are adopting little little ones.

Gotta go until later. Did I mention it was 10 degrees below zero in Beijing and not much warmer here???? Loving my cuddle duds right now!

Can she do it? Yes, she can!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad u made it!! SO close.... So soon you'll be indulging in cupcakes!! Can't wait! Have fun at walmart!! Love you mucho!!

Karen said...

Praying for you and beautiful Gracie. Praying for a wonderful, smooth transition and a blessed meeting. What time are you meeting your cupcake? You CAN do it!!!

Duchess of Lanier said...

Oh, Joy!
Stay warm today by shopping- grand plan indeed ;)
Tomorrow, stay warm as your heart overflows with happiness.

Bill and Midge said...

Just started following your blog a few days ago, found it through the Jacobs family blog. (In your travel group.) We adopted our daughter 2 years ago from LuoHe, same provence where you are right now! Excited to see you with your daughter and follow your journey. I haven't seen any posts on the Jacob's blog - sounds like you all are having internet connection problems. If you get the chance, please tell Michele Jacobs we are praying for them and can't wait to meet their little Lili. Blessings to you!

Lori said...

Loving your updates, Sally!

Can't wait for you to get Gracie-cakes!


Stay warm and cozy, friend!

Sherrie said...

I'm checking for updates all the time, love hearing how things are going!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Nancyh said...

Yeah I knew you could do it you can do anything! I am thinking as I am typing this you probably already have Amazing Gracie. Soooo happy for you all. Wow the babies have gotten so much bigger and look so good what a difference. Can't wait to see pictures of the two of you, special special yeaaaaah!
Positive thoughts prayers & love

Anonymous said...

Glad that everything is going smoothly! Stay safe...and warm!!! Hugs, L

Anonymous said...

Im thinking of you and Gracie, and for the moment you get her in your arms..Dana

Christine said...

Ooo- I got goosebumps! So excited for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm following your journey, and I'm praying for you. I always feel that your very presence is such a ministry to the Chinese people...your radiate God's love for them. Can't wait for more updates.