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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cupcake Photos and Another Email

100% Pure Organic Cupcake

This is the baby home where Gracie lives on the 6th floor.
This is where Gracie has been sleeping.
This is Gracie running the house!
This is Gracie in need of a new do!

From the words of my new forever friend, "From what I saw, she is strong willed, as most all kids with Downs are! When we were there, she basically ran the home and was always watching out for the others and helping. She put the socks on a couple of the kids when they were getting ready to go outside, which was cute! She does like to go outside, and tried to get out the door with us, but the nanny's redirected her and we were able to sneak out. She is very affectionate, but also very active, but oh so cute! She was very interactive with us and loved to sit on our laps and tell us stories (I had no idea what she was saying though, since my Chinese is very poor!) "

Oh my word, I can't wait to get this heap of lovin' home where she can give Marissa a run for her bossy money!!!


Shelly said...

What an adorable Cupcake!!! It's so fun to see how full of life she is! Oh, I SOOOO hope we get to see our Gracie's together! What a neat gift that would be!

Suzie said...

What a SUPER surprise!! Those are some really excellent pictures... and to get to know her personality more... wow! You are so lucky!!

What a cutie. Can't wait to meet her... we better be traveling together :)

Monday, Monday.... please bring our TA's...

Suzie said...

PS: When we brought our Claire home, half her head was shaved off in the back. It appeared they got her hair cut just for us.... ummm.... thanks, I guess... took months to grow out, but fun to compare before/after pics!

Christian said...

She is so cute! Its so great to get those surprise emails from bloggy land. I hope we will be traveling together. Hopefully good news this week!

Scrappy quilter said...

The sweetest little cupcake on plantet earth. Sounds like it's going to be fun at your house. Can't wait until you have TA. Hugs

Pam said...

Hey Sally. She lives on the 3rd floor. Love, Pam