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Friday, January 21, 2011

Auction for Swallow's Nest

Auction closes Sunday, February 6th to the highest bidder on this post!

Robert and I would like to auction off our souvenir of the most coveted "White Swan Going Home Barbie" and give all the proceeds to Gracie's baby home. The director of the baby home is very frugal. She does the best she can with what she has!

Now, we know that we can get up to $300 for it on E Bay. Please get the word out to post to Gracie's blog on this post to help raise money for a much needed baby home!

If you are interested in bidding on the Barbie, leave a comment on this post and dollar amount you are bidding. The bidder with the highest amount will make tax deductible donation to Swallow's Nest via paypal and then I will ship the Barbie to the winner. We will close the auction once I get home! Let's raise some funds that will go to directly serving many orphans!


Debra said...

I'll kick off the bidding at $100.

Jean said...

Where do we go for the auction!!
I'd love to donate to swallows nest and get a barbie as a bonus!!

The Straight's said...

I didn't realize that Pam had your girl?!?!? A good friend of mine brought home her little from Pam a couple of years ago. I was the "middle man" contact with Pam. She does amazing work. Small world isn't it?

Adeye said...

My friend....do we put an amount here? How does it work?

jenn said...

I would love to bid $150!

Jean said...

Okay- I'm not going to bid on the Barbie right now but I'd like to another $50 toward Swallows Nest.


Can I send a check to you?

Phil and Sherry said...

I would like to bid $200

Phil and Sherry said...

I want to bid $200.