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Sunday, January 30, 2011

At Home and Fitting In Nicely!!

Gracie is seriously suffering from jet lag and loss of sleep today. She slept 16 hours straight, even after we got her up, dressed her and washed her face, she was back to sleep!
These girls can dance!
They like to shake it shake it shake it!
Making gingerbread cookies with Lu, who by the way says over and over again
"Oh my goodness mom, she is sooooo cute!"
Lu loves her just as much as we do!
Gracie is now referred to as the Chinese Commander.
She has no problem telling her older siblings what to do and they do it!
Here she is dressing them all up in winter clothes!
Gio is indifferent to Gracie. He likes her, but he also doesn't get all gooey over her like the others. But that is just his personality. He is fine with them being a trio! We are all different!


Jean said...

Love the pics of the kids at home! are they all the same size??

My goodness - they will have fun!!

Adeye said...

Dearest friend

Oh goodness, I have been so busy and so preoccupied getting Anthony to leave for an overseas mission. He left today. My computer is severely neglected :(
How absolutely wonderful to read that things are going so well and that sweet little Gracie is adjusting to her new normal. Every picture makes me smile. She seems to fir in like a glove. So precious.

Praising God for this beautiful gift that He has given your family.

jenn said...

Love that they are all playing together. Enjoy all your blessings!

Christian said...

I'm so glad she is fitting in so well. Gracie seems right at home. So cute that she already has a nickname. It made me laugh. She is such a doll!! Can't wait 9 more days for us to get Zoie!!

Annie said...

So, so glad you all are home and your sweet little Gracie is doing so well! She is amazing and truly beautiful, inside and out!!!

Christy said...

Welcome home! I just found your blog b/c I saw you mentioned CNY on Songs of Joy so I clicked on your profile which said you're a special ed teacher (I was before having kids). Anyway, so happy Gracie is home. Some of your China photos are grossing me out! ;) Praying for your family's transition!

Myra said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you in China...our time together was to short! So glad you made it home safely and I'm glad to Gracie Mae is still smilin'!



Suzie said...

"Chinese Commander"... I LOVE IT. So glad to see Gracie with her siblings. We are home where we belong! What a blessing.