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Friday, December 31, 2010

Plan A, B and C for Travel

With the anticipation of our TA (travel approval to China) to arrive early this next week, that would give us only one week notice to travel so are busy getting a Plan A, B and C in place.

Plan A would be Robert's sister needing to fly in from Germany on less than a week's notice to stay with the kids for one week while Robert travels to Gracie's province and then spends two nights in Guangzhou with us.

Plan B would be for me to do the entire trip alone. :-(

Plan C would be if we don't get TA this next week then we would be back to planning for travel in February coming up with more Plan A's, B's and C's!

This New Year's weekend is going to feel like a whole year instead of a weekend just waiting for Monday to come with a TA!


Serving the King said...

oooo! Ooooo!! I pick A or B!!! At least if it turns out to be B we could hang out for at least your GZ portion of the trip! Girl I am going to be refreshing your blog like kah-razy on Monday!!!!

Rebekah said...

I cannot imagine how you must feel like right now. It is hard enough just to focus on what is before me just waiting on an 800, lol. (These weekends and holidays throw a few kinks in adoption ebb and flows. . .)

I hope you can do Plan A. :0)

Nancyh said...

Crossing all my fingers and toes that all goes the way you hope.

Positive thoughs prayers & love

Sarah said...

Praying that your travel very, very soon. Gracie is sooooo cute!

Sherrie said...

I've been watching every day to see the TA announcement! My second trip to China was entirely on my own, it was okay, but I was so homesick. The fourth trip I went with my then 7 year old daughter to bring home same age son, so maybe take one of the other kids with you if you have to travel without Robert? The best part about the Hague is that your child is a citizen even if husband doesn't travel with you.