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Monday, November 22, 2010

Education 101 - People First

As a special education teacher, I am very aware of "people first language" therefore often saddened when I hear people refer to people with disabilities using their disability first to refer to a person. People first language simply means that you recognize the person first and then the disability. Many people tend refer to refer to kids with Down Syndrome as "Downs Kid" or "Downs Baby". In the world of autism, you almost always hear people say "autistic kid" or "He is autistic." There is so much MORE to our children than their disability. They are people FIRST!

For instance, Gracie is our daughter and a child of God first and along with it she has an extra chromosome so you may say "Gracie with Down Syndrome" if felt you needed to identify her more than just being "Gracie" or "Sally's Cupcake!"

I use this with adoption language as well. I do not refer to my children through adoption as my "adopted kids". I refer to them as "my kiddos through adoption".

Thanks in advance for seeing Gracie first and her designer genes second!!!

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Jean said...

That is a great post! Thank you for educating us on this. You are so right. I wouldn't have thought of it- but it makes so much sense.

Love you dear friend!