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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Her bags are packed!

Simply adorable!!!!

Gracie has her bags packed and baby doll in hand ready to come home!!! We are lucky to have another recent visitor send us these photos of our yummy cupcake!!! Truly these frequent photos and updates are what keep us going in the wait for Gracie!

I am ordering an Asian baby doll now to take to China with us in hopes she will agree to bringing home the baby doll instead of her "little brother".


Jean said...

You are so so lucky to have the up[dates on Gracie!!

We had so many pics of Emma and Ellie - it was so nice!!

It's not the case this time but that's okay!

Yes I think the baby doll will be wonderful for her!

Sherrie said...

Oh My Gosh! How sweet!!!

scrappy quilter said...

Just so sweet!!! Look at her, my heart just swells with love whenever I see a picture of her. She is adorable. Hugs

Mom Of Many said...

She is absolutely precious. I love that her bags are packed. She's ready to get home! She's ready to play with those brothers and sisters and she is soooo ready to be in your arms...So very, very, very excited for you all...and your LOA in less than 30? Come on! Remember with Jubilee...what was it, like 521 days or something ridiculous like that....aye-yi-yi...can't even conceive of something so fast. My head would be spinning around in circles. On my shoulders. For.real.


So very happy for you...and will be waiting for the TEXT when you get it...don't be doing that "better ck the blog to find out" or I will have to come to Cali and womp on you. xo

Difference2This1 said...

What a complete blessing to get these updates!!! God bless, Jennifer

Karin said...

She is so stinkin' cute! I love that she knows you are coming and is all ready for you. :) Hope and pray that LOA comes fast and your TA even faster.