"He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. " Philippians 1:6

Thursday, July 29, 2010

August Gracie Update

Say Cheese!
She is growing up in front of us!
What a cupcake!
Report states she is trying to potty train the younger kids in the home!
Can't cha just eat her up??
Look at her cute little arm around that babe!
The fun her and Marissa are going to have together.
Two little mamas!
Honestly, I can't get enough of this little one!!! Here is what our latest update says about our Gracie!

She received a package with photos from her new family. She shows them to everyone. She still continues to be the “little boss” of the house, telling me about the little problems of each child. She is so cute. She is very protective of all the children. She has no problems getting along with everyone. We will miss her but so happy she has a forever family and will be joining them soon. She knows her new name, but still calls herself by guoguo, her chinese nickname. She loves her new clothes and looks forward to her family coming soon. We ask her to smile, but I think she is aware her teeth are a little crooked so she smiled without opening her mouth, which really isn’t a smile at all. She understand all vocal communication.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Regrets

Sorry, but yet another mushy hubby and really lucky kid to call papa story! What can I say, but I am head over heels in love with my guy!

A few days ago our lives turned upside down. The same day we were told about Gio's Thalassemia being more severe is the same day we were told by the doctors to get hospice for Robert's terminally ill mother. We have since moved her from two hours away to our home. She needs 24 hour care at this point.

So why am I telling you all this on Gracie's blog? Trust me there is a delightful story behind the pain of the last few days. Remember me telling you about Robert not being ready or open to a child with Down Syndrome in our past adoptions? Clearly that has changed since we are adopting Gracie, but it gets better.

I was a tad overwhelmed with the big changes going on regarding Gio, Bryson's seemingly never ending needs and MIL wondering how on earth can we fit Gracie into all of this right now. I brought it up to my hubby wanting to get his thoughts and truly wanting to take his lead even if he agreed it was too much and we needed to back out of this adoption. As hard as that would be, I was preparing myself for it.

But instead what I got was MY great hubby and father who's heart has not only changed for adopting a child with Down Syndrome but one who is now advocating for her as well. I was weak and he was strong!

My love for him grew tenfold (hard to imagine, I know!) when he told me that once his mom passes that we would have regrets for not adopting Gracie. He told me that he has already started bonding with her and that she is meant to be our daughter. When I reminded him that she has Down Syndrome, his reply was "Yeah, she will probably be our easiest one! She won't need blood transfusions. She won't need us to carry her or need additional surgeries. It doesn't matter to me that she has Down Syndrome."

We will stay the course with adopting Gracie. We will take each day as they come and live with no regrets caring for his mother during her final days and no regrets for NOT adopting Gracie because of it!

Gracie Mae, one day soon you will see just how very much we love you and are willing to stay the course regardless of our adversities right now! You are ours and we are yours!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Homestudy Visit for Gio

In order to complete our homestudy for Gracie, we had to wait until Gio actually came home and have the social worker come over and see our newest member of our family to make sure we are capable of adding another. She left with a smile on her face and supportive of our decision to adopt Gracie. As soon as I get the completed homestudy back, we will be able to start the I800A US immigration process. The 13 page form is filled out and ready to add the homestudy and FEDEX. The I800A approval is the only thing we need to add to the already completed paperwork that goes to China!!! I am hoping for this Friday for submission, but will be realistic for next Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Care Package Received

Isn't she adorable?
Another treasure has found us!!!
Seems to be pretty proud of her new Letter Factory DVD
To me she is just yummy!!!
Can't wait to come back to bring her home too!!!
New Clothes that I sent her!
"Being Cute is what I do Best!"
Books I added velcro numbers to for her to match numbers
Seeing mama and baba for the first time!!
We are leaving China today from getting Gio and these photos came in an email from our agency today. What perfect timing as our Father is gently reminding me as much as I am done with China today, He still has a treasure waiting here for us!! And yes as much as I want to go home today, if I could I would stay long enough to bring this cupcake home too!! But that is not how it works, so we should be back around the first of the year to bring home our cupcake!!!