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Monday, May 17, 2010

May's Update!!!

Yes, we have another three page update on Gracie. This is what we know!!!
She is very little even though she looks bigger in photos. Her measurements are just a little bigger than Bryson who is a super peanut. She is 39 inches tall and weighs 33 pounds.
Deep sleeper
Potty trained
Can ride a tricycle
Can run and jump without falling
Can go up and down stairs
Likes to clean the house and set the table
Can wash face and brush teeth
Can speak clearly
Can call all people by their names
Likes to read books with pictures
Can count from 1-10
Can say simple poems
Likes to ask questions
Has a sense of time regarding today, yesterday and tomorrow
Can button a shirt
Can recognize sizes and shapes
Likes to help with chores
LIkes to learn new games
Likes to be funny
Has a great imagination
Can recognize gender
Has a sense of self
Likes to play mom and dad
Knows how to take turns but is still learning to be patient
Likes to tattle tale
Afraid of the dark
Understands right from wrong
LIkes to trade toys
Likes to be rewarded
Likes to make parents happy
Likes to share family stories with others
Likes to play outside
Makes excuses

"Her nickname is Guoguo. We all love her very much. She really likes to go outside. If visitors come, she gets her shoes and starts to prepare to go out. She also gets the other bigger kids ready. She also like to feed and help the babies. She is a real helper. She realizes she has a new family and has asked for photos of them."

Okay, I could hardly work today after I got this email. All I want to do is run to China and bring her home NOW!!!


Tracy said...

Oh Sally she does sound like a precious one. I loved the likes to clean house and tattle tale. Too funny. I bet your other kids are gonna love the tattle tale part. hee, hee. My brother and sisters always said I was a tattle tale. I dont remember that at all...so im sure they are perfectly wrong about that. : )

scrappy quilter said...

I'm going to e-mail you, hopefully by the end of the day. She is amazing!!!

Jean said...

Wow- what an incredible update! Lucky, lucky you!!

She is such a dear!! I just love her! What great pics!!

What a blessing having her where she is!! Wow, God amazes me!!