"He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. " Philippians 1:6

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Okay Some More to the Amazing Story!!!

Most of you know that my job has been up in the air all year as far as WHAT I am teaching for next year. Well about 3 weeks ago, I was officially offered a kindergarten for moderate to severe students. Actually they are creating the kindergarten so I can stay on the dreaded second part of my job, being on a district assessment team for all incoming three year olds.

Anyhow, I already have a girl with down syndrome placed in my class for next year. It is actually turning out be more of a high functioning class. The point to this story is that when I do go back to work after getting Gracie, I will not only get to be her mother, but her teacher!!! She can be placed into my classroom. It will be perfect! I will be able to assess her skills for the rest of the year and be able to make the best recommendation for her for first grade!

Are you seeing God's hands all over this adoption yet??? Does it get any better? Yes, there is even more!!!


Jean said...

Wow- I'm seeing it! Awesome! I am so excited for you and for her! To have her new Momma be her teacher- what a blessing!

Chris said...

OH MY WORD!!!! Congratulations!! she looks like a handful...full of life that is!

My that will be hard to keep under wraps...so you will make 2 separate trips? At least she is in a safer place for now, till she can come home to you guys.
Want to know something? People keep saying to me "you're bringing home 2 boys right?"
It has happened about 3 times now, my SIL said it is probably a sign. but after reading all the warnings about sexual abuse on the AOK list today...I can only take one at a time. If God wants us to do 2 He will need to make it plainer than that :^)
How exciting, can't wait to follow your trip

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely adorable....and a very very lucky little girl. Prayers headed your way that all goes smoothly throughout the process and she is home as soon as possible. S

Nancyh said...

This just keeps getting better and better. I kept thinking last night that now marissa will be the big sister like Lu, what a special place for her to be.
Positive thoughts and prayers.

scrappy quilter said...

She is adorable. How exciting that you'll be her momma and teacher at the same time. Awesome for her too!! hugs

Christine said...

How awesome! But I must say I am a little annoyed that you keep me hanging.... ;)

Shanti said...

Awesome! Can't wait to hear more!